Buses, Trams and Trolleys

Contactless technology of chip cards on boards of buses, trolleys and trams enables passengers to sweep their cards or put them to the reader after boarding the means of transport. Neither passengers nor drivers handle cash, passenger check-in is shorter, boarding itself as well, which enables the vehicles to keep to the timetable.

TELMAX have at their disposal wide range of own products to be installed to means of transport, including on-board computers, check-in devices, self-service validators, which can be easily attached to the handrail, both horizontal and vertical. There are also communication units available (GSM, Wi-Fi) with GPS tracking. For higher safety of drivers and passengers, we supply CCTV systems to vehicles. Thanks to long-standing cooperation with partners, we also provide information systems, inner and outer panels, LCD panels, display and other devices.


  • DP Praha
  • DP Bratislava
  • DP Ostrava
  • DP Děčín
  • ČSAD Střední Čechy
  • OAD Kolín
  • ČSAD Kladno