About us

We are an important Czech company developing information systems and technologies in transport. We mainly (80 %) focus on complete check-in systems, and as one of few companies in Europe, we offer complete solution for automated passenger check-in with a paper ticket, SMS ticket, travel card and banking card.

When creating sophisticated solutions in the field of software and hardware, we use developer solutions containing our own patents and utility models. Implementation of our solutions can be seen at transportation companies, companies of logistics, public sector, retail and even wholesale distribution. Our projects are realized using a unified methodology on an IPMA basis.

Development team and implementation

Our advantage comparing to the competition is that we focus mainly on development and implementation of the software solution itself, hardware products are outsourced from selected high-quality Czech suppliers.

Strong development team is a foundation stone for finding the most suitable individual solution for each particular customer. Our strength is in the ability to implement the designed solution in various environments, where we are able to not only adapt to the current customer´s conditions, but also to offer a proper support on a user level, analytical one with the possibility for the designed solution to be completed in the future.

Experiences and projects implemented

TELMAX plays an important role in the field of check-in systems in city and inter-city transport. What speaks for us is a number of projects implemented with eminent transport companies all around the Czech Republic – The Prague Public Transit Co. Inc., Ostrava Transport, joint-stock co., Bratislava Transportation Company Inc., Děčín Public Transport Company, Pilsen City Transport Company, ARRIVA MORAVA joint-stock co., ARRIVA Východní Čechy joint-stock co. and others.

We bring a competitive advantage to all our customers, not only by the solution designed, but also by its low operating costs. Other positive feature of all the customized solutions is that they can be operated directly by the customer via so called open management with the possibility of its future upgrade.

Within comprehensive services we also offer counselling and outsourcing.

The team of TELMAX

  • Milan Absolon


    The founder and owner of the company focuses mainly on proposing solutions to complex, customized information systems. He is very active in the field of development itself and even support. From the projects which have been implemented so far he, as a technician, appreciates the most the designed G-TEL system, which has been implemented with the largest domestic bus operator, Arriva Transport Czech Republic.

  • Miroslav Slavík


    Thanks to the years of experience, from the position of business manager, he is devoted to designing optimal solutions for various costumers. At the same time, he is involved in project management. From what has been implemented, he appreciates the most the PTC Bratislava project, mainly for its degree of comprehensiveness and extent, and also the project of ODISKA customer portal for travel chip cards management within Moravian-Silesian Region.

    "I always have a good feeling when I can see successfully implemented project which has moved the client forward, and with a clear conscience I can ask them for reference. That is the right propulsion power which motivates me."

  • Tomáš Jindra


    Tomáš is an expert on project management and implementation. If there is a vast project with new products and services implemented, it is very him who is assigned. It means minimization of stresses and risks such as deadline, expenses and resulting functionality from the customer´s point of view.

  • Jan Smejkal


    Jan is responsible for production and service. At the same time, he takes care of customer support system operation.

  • Martina Lepšová


Certification according to IPMA is focused on project management and helps us implement a project better, minimize risks, which gives clients more certainty for a good result.

  • IPMA Level B, Certified Senior Project Manager

    IPMA certification (International Project Management Association) is a process focused on assessing candidate´s eligibility to manage projects, programmes and portfolios. Eligibility means an ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills connected with project management in context. Certification is a verification of such eligibility.

  • ISO 9001

    Certification according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001.


  • Handheld Europe

    In 2008 we entered into a partnership agreement with the Swedish company Handheld Europe, which is at the leading edge of the field of industrial computers and PDAs. We provide both sale and service and development support. So far there have been 700 devices put on the Czech market.