Check-in system FCS 2000

Check-in system with an on-board computer with a multi-application environment enabling check-in and also easy reservation for passengers, connection with CCTV, continuous tracking and data transfer through GSM and much more thanks to a wide supportive software.

  • Passenger check-in
  • Contactless environment
  • Card acceptance
  • Windows flexibility for fast check-in system development
  • Touch display for easy usage
  • Split option guarantees easy integration into the driver´s workspace
  • User interface for the passenger
  • VISA / Mastercard and travel card acceptance
  • On-board computer with the possibility of integration into the dashboard

Product's characteristics

Colour touchscreen

10,1” with a capacitance transducer enables drivers to operate it easily with no need of so called double-stops, pressing a combination of functional keys. What is more, the monitor can be user-modified at any time, thus there is no threat of “lack of functional keys”.

Tracking and data transfer

thanks to GSM communication, Wi-Fi option. As a backup option there is a USB data transfer.

Sufficient capacity and performance

guarantee managing tariff systems of all IPTS (integrated public transport systems) in the Czech Republic.

Supportive software

for the check-in system is a part of the company information system of the carrier. The advantage is unified environment for comprehensive company data management, including check-in system data. Thus there is no more necessity for the company to keep records of two separate sets of data and the uncomfortable data import and export between the two systems. Thanks to this integrated concept, statistic information is of better quality, more easily accessible and has higher informative value.

High check-in speed

is secured by a thermo-printer and a contactless chip card reader. The reduction of a passenger check-in time makes boarding much faster.

Low profile

guarantees the driver sufficient view.

CCTV system

increases driver´s and passengers´ security.

Integrated ticket reservation system,

thanks to online communication, gives the passenger constant possibility of ticket reservation, even at the time when the vehicle is in service.

Traffic preference

is secured by system´s communication with the intersection control unit, when the priority to pass an intersection is set according to the vehicle´s delay estimation.

Technical specifications

Electric specifications

Rated supply voltage 24 V DC; 12 V DC with voltage changer
Supply voltage range 16,8 V to 36 V DC
Rated current 0,5 A

Processor core

Processor – two cores Intel Bay Trial-I Dual Core 1.75Ghz E3827 (-40°C to 110°C)
Memory 2 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD
Graphics – Acceleration 2D/3D
USB interface 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, micro SD, mini PCI, PCI

Driver's interface

Colour display VGA 10,1“ TFT, 1024x600, LED backlight
Capacitive touch panel, glass face plate
Luminosity 1 000 cd/m2
Sound signalling Piezo

On-board computer communication interface

Ethernet 3 x 10/100 BaseT
Special interface IBIS, CAN, 3 x RS232/485, CF/SD/SDHC, micro SD/SDHC, 4 x USB
Audio output 3 x 25W min. impedance 8 ohms
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g – alternatively
GSM 900/1800 MHz

On-board computer mechanical specifications

Size 251 x 317 x 242 mm (91 mm closed display)
Weight 2,8 kg
Material stainless + ABS
Cash box fitting FCS POK or a special holder


Temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Air humidity 15 to 80 % without condensation
Protection IP 43