Electronic ticket validator

Electronic ticket validator characterized by very fast ticket marking with the possibility of mechanical damage (devaluing the ticket).


  • The device can work autonomously or together with the on-board computer.
  • Display showing information
  • Various types of ticket validators according to the ticket width

Product's characteristics

Transverse ticket validating

by a fast 9 dot-matrix-printer; with any characters of the height of 3,2 mm and the width required by the operator, with an easy change option.

Optic and audible signalling

when having validated the ticket correctly. The validator is also equipped with detectors preventing from the ticket´s double validation and signalling when leaving the ticket inside the device.

Remote locking

makes validating the ticket impossible at the time of ticket inspection.

Wide possibilities of communication

Ethernet, USB, RS 232, RS 485

Technical specifications

Electric specifications

Rated supply voltage 24 V DC
Supply voltage range 16,8 V to 36 V DC
Rated current 0,3 A

User interface

Graphic display, colour or black and white
LED backlight
Sound signalling Piezo

Communication Interface

Ethernet, IBIS, CAN, RS232/485, USB
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g – alternatively

Mechanical specifications

Size 160 × 283 × 154 mm
Weight 2,8 kg
Material stainless + ABS
Fitting to a special quick-release holder


Temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Air humidity 15 to 80 % without condensation
Protection IP 43