GPS vehicle tracking, G-TEL dispatching system and GSM data transfer, integration into the “Intelligent stops” system

ARRIVA MORAVA joint-stock co. | 2010 – up to now

The city of Olomouc runs a system of so called Intelligent stops. However, these stops displayed information on arrivals/departures of Olomouc Public Transport Company vehicles only. There was no information on ARRIVA MORAVA joint-stock co. (AM hereinafter) vehicles displayed even though they stopped at those stops as well. Hence the aim of the first phase of the project was integration of AM into the Intelligent stops system in Olomouc. Next phase of the project is blanket equipping of 770 AM vehicles with GPS vehicle tracking system and setting up G-TEL dispatching system.

Short story

  • Integration into the system of Intelligent stops
  • Implementation of GSM data transfer from/to the vehicle
  • On-line GPS vehicle tracking
  • G-TEL dispatching system

In the first phase of the project the technological solution of Intelligent stops system was analysed. What was processed next was a technological solution which provided connection of two independent systems – Intelligent stops system and G-TEL dispatching system.

After successful launching of the first phase, the remaining vehicles started to be equipped with VTM technology for GPS tracking. And at the same time, G-TEL dispatching system was set up into VTM operational areas.