How we helped the Ostrava Transit Company to simplify their check-in system and launch the first paperless public transport in Czechia

Ostrava Transport joint-stock co. | 07/2019 – 12/2019

Short story

  • supply of ticket vending machines for ultralight card dispensing
  • UX-design for ticket-vending machines software
  • development of software for remote system management
  • development of analytical software
  • development of custom communication hardware
  • the ticket machines also allow plastic chip cards recharging
CZK 10 million
annual operating cost savings
60 000+
ultralight chip cards issued in Q1/2020
ticket machines installed

Development and implementation of an innovative solution that saves operating costs

The Ostrava Transport Company (DPO), the third largest in the Czech Republic, has a reputation as a pioneer of innovation in public transport. By the end of 2019, iDPO was the first in the country to decide to end the sale of paper tickets. These were to be replaced by cheap paper cards with a chip (credit tickets), which can be recharged repeatedly during their lifetime.

Together with Diebol Nixdorf Ltd. we were responsible for introducing a new system of innovative ticket vending machines for the dispensing of credit tickets.

Unification of check-in systems

In 2019, the DPO used two types of check-in devices - validators for chip and bank cards and paper ticket markers. However, after 25 years, these had reached the end of their useful life and required replacement. Instead of a costly investment in new ticket validators, the DPO decided to use its existing infrastructure to chip and bank cards. The introduction of credit tickets thus made it possible to unify the two systems, which in addition to savings, for example, also means easier reporting.

Carefully monitored deadlines, delivery even with reserve for test operation

We have dealt with the need to meet the deadline by detailed project planning and rigorous control of the schedule for each project phase.

Taking into account the needs of the customer

In addition to the ticket machines and their software, we supplied also a backoffice, which included data preparation and setting up the machines (sales mix, prices, etc.), creating a system for monitoring the status of the machines and their remote management and a system for basic evaluation and statistics (sales reports) with the possibility of solving customer queries.

Ticket machines with a range of advanced functions

The ticket machines for issuing the ultralight chip cards are the first of their kind in Czechia. In addition, they serve not only to issue tickets, but also, for example, to display current traffic information.

Simplicity above all

When creating the control interface of the machine and the software for employees of the transport company we followed the same criteria - maximum simplicity.

Thanks to years of experience, we have managed to create systems whose intuitive operation has been appreciated by both transport company and passengers alike.

  1. Credit ticket
    Ultralight paper ticket with a chip allows you to purchase a short-term time ticket or recharge credit and subsequent payment for fares. Purchase price per ticket is approx. CZK 7, valid for 365 days.
  2. Current information for passengers
    We have designed the solution so that the transport company can use existing software to control what will be displayed on the monitors. The system allows connection search, graphical illustration of traffic changes, videos, etc.
  3. Purchase of travel tickets with a bank card, or a chip card issued by the carrier
    Passengers using other check-in methods can use the machines to upload tickets.

"Thanks to our cooperation with TELMAX, we have managed the transition to fully electronic fares. The installation of ticket machines for credit tickets represented the last missing stone in the complete mosaic of electronic check-in. The resulting system is quite unique and thanks to it Ostrava is only the second city in the world after London, where passenger check-in operates at such a technologically advanced level."

Ing. Michal Scholz, vedoucí odboru přepravy a tarifu DPO Ostrava

"It‘s a pleasure to keep pushing passenger check-in options forward and to tread new paths. We have created a modern and efficient system for Ostrava that takes into account all the special requirements of the client. We are pleased to have contributed to the smooth running of a big step such as the end of paper tickets, and to have increased passenger comfort."

Ing. Milan Absolon, CEO TELMAX

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