How we launched a new check-in system for the largest Czech public transport company in just 10 months

The Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. | 05/2017 – 11/2017

Short story

  • an open system tailored to customers' needs
  • solution without using validator, high user comfort
  • acceptance of transport contactless cards
  • acceptance of contactless bank cards
  • modern e-shop
  • easy operation of the device for inspectors also at the points of sale
advance sale points
over CZK 1 billion
cash flow within the first year of operation
over 2.8 million
passenger checks in within the first year of operation

10 months from the initial system analysis to trial operation

Mission: Critical

In 2006-2016, the Prague Transport Company used a proprietary locked(vendor locked) Opencard system. Due to disputes between the vendor and the city management there was no technical support for this solution; therefore, there was a real risk that in 2016 Opencard would cease to function and would have to be replaced by paper time coupons.

Under the circumstances, it was crucial that a replacement Opencard was created as quickly as possible. And that it should be an open solution that is not dependent on its supplier.Working on a transport system for the largest transport company in the Czech Republic is a challenge in itself, other circumstances certainly did not make it easier.

05/2017 – We are mapping everyone‘s needs, who come in contact with the system

For the new system specification we created a joint team of our experts and experts from Prague transport company. In order to be able to take into account the needs of all future users of the system, the team included not only members of the management team, but also, for example cashiers who were familiar with the most common requests from passengers.

09/2017 – The Customer changes the requirements at the last minute

Work on the new solution was significantly complicated by the fact that no one knew the description of the existing Opencard system. There was therefore nothing to build on. At an advanced stage of the project in addition, the customer decided to create a new multi-channel check-in system integrating also suburban lines other carriers. The almost completed system had to be modified to match the new requirements. Nevertheless, we were able to deliver a working solution on time including the tokenization key.

11/2017 – We finish on time, including testing and staff training

As part of the assignment we trained more than 70 operators of sale points and more than 150 ticket inspectors.

Our aspiration: maximum simplicity for all users

Chip cards administration

Part of the project was the development of an application for the management of chip cards issued by municipal organizations, on which the system will allow to upload fares.


Prague Transport Company paticipated in designing the purchasing process and the user interface. The result is a simple and functional e-shop.

Inspector reader: custom developed software and hardware

During the development we focused on the atypical design of the inspector reader. Passengers are much more likely to trust the inspector reader with an atypical design than, for example, a reader in a mobile phone (where they are afraid of having their data stolen after attaching a bank card).

"As of May 2017, we began developing a new check-in system for the Prague Public Transit Company, in cooperation with TELMAX s.r.o. From the very beginning, cooperation and communication with TELMAX has always been at the highest level, as was the technical knowledge and experience of their employees. During development and subsequent implementation, TELMAX successfully dealt also with sudden changes even to key features of the check-in system. The entire solution became ready for deployment at the end of March 2018, after about ten months of development."

Ing. Marek Solich, Dept. Head, Dept. 410130 DOS, Prague Public Transit Company

"We have developed a fully open system for Prague that is independent on us. We want our customers to work with us not out of compulsion, but because they are satisfied with our work."

Miroslav Slavík, MBA, CEO, TELMAX

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