Loyalty systems

TELMAX loyalty system allows to work with various media such as paper or plastic cards, contactless or contact chip cards. In the supportive back office, you can then adjust your own personal loyalty program to your needs. It can work as point system, discount system or a combined one, etc.

Keep the customer

Loyalty program motivates customers to repeatedly use provider´s services or products. It helps to strengthen relations with current customers, but also to gain trust of a potential customer. The loyalty program aims to suppress volatility of buyers on the market and to convince them to stick with a particular product or service for a time, and helps to change the occasional buyer into the permanent one.

Customized system

Payment systems enable realization of payments, either by contact or contactless chip card. The system is fully configurable, it enables to manage payment card´s life cycle, to deposit money to the client´s account, to authorize the overdraft amount, etc. It is also possible to supplement the system so that it accepts EC/MC, VISA bank cards with an online authorization. There is a payment terminal used as an end device in the system.

Setting loyalty system

We made a good use of our experience in the fields of customer motivation and loyalty systems, and created a robust platform TELCON, which enables customized setting of the loyalty system. TELCON is a very sophisticated and stable solution, which meets the strictest safety criteria.