Complete check-in system

ARRIVA MORAVA joint-stock co. | 2014

Implementation of project of a complete check-in system for almost 800 buses of ARRIVA MORAVA joint-stock co. (AM hereinafter). 50 buses were equipped with a system for accepting contactless bank cards VISA/MasterCard in 2015, and during 2016 will be equipped with this system additional 150 buses

Short story

  • Integration into AM´s ERP system
  • Value performance almost 39 mil CZK
  • contactless bank card acceptance (VISA/MasterCard)
  • Travel chip card acceptance
  • Tariff systems of KIDSOK, ODIS, MHD, PAD and others
  • G-TEL dispatching system
  • Chip cards e-shop
  • GSM data transfer
  • On-line reservation system

Easy use of the check-in system for drivers and a possibility of the system development – these are not the only advantages of the implemented solution. Said Ing Michal Pastrňák, Business Manager of ARRIVA MORRAVA.