As we modernise check-in system for Prague‘s public transport significantly increased the comfort passengers

The Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. | 05/2016 – 12/2019

Short story

co-implementer: Dielbold Nixdorf

  • configuration development of the ticket machine according to DPP requirements
  • development of application software for the management of ticket machines
  • remote management of ticket machines
  • integration into existing backoffice
  • acceptance contactless bank cards
  • intuitive user interface

Check-in system development compliant with the latest standards

In 2015, the Prague City Transport Company decided to replace a significant part of the long-inadequate ticket machines that allowed payment only coins.

Together with Diebold Nixdorf, we won a public tender for the delivery of 520 new machines. This included the complete development of the application software, implementation of remote management and integration into existing systems of the client.

A new level of passenger handling: custom solutions according to the customer's requirements

The situation of each transport company is specific. Based on the input data and process analysis, we compiled requirements for data structures, control software processes, and other key parameters for the new machines. All this with regard to Prague transport company needs.

Use of existing systems
The delivered solution takes into account the possibility of implementing check-in systems prepared by the client, e.g. multichannel check-in system.

Openness to future development
The delivered solution takes into account the possibility of implementing check-in systems that are being developed by the customer, such as the multi-channel check-in system.

Practical benefits of remote administration
The remote administration module allows monitoring of the vending machine operation, basic evaluation and reporting of sales.

Friendly agreement regarding post-warranty service
At the customer's request, we provided the option that post-warranty service of vending machines could be performed by their employees.

Solution enabling to change the Acquier for card payment transaction
During the implementation, the client changed Acquier, which handled the payment transactions in the process of accepting bank cards at the ticket machine. However, we were able to handle the change of the payment system and its integration into the control software without any problems.

Maximum user comfort

  1. Intuitive touch screen control
    The vending machine user interface has been designed to ensure that the passenger completes their request as quickly as possible.
  2. Practical advanced features
    In addition to ticket dispensing the machine allows passengers to search for transport connection within the capital city of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region - then offers a suitable ticket for purchase.
  3. Tourists friendly
    Tourists are among the most frequent users of vending machines. New machines therefore allow an easy choice between several language mutations.
  4. New payment options
    The key was the expansion of payment options to include contactless card payments. For some configurations, in addition to coins can also be paid with banknote.

"I see the contribution of TELMAX mainly in the use of its development experience, supply and operation of check-in systems for transport companies. This experience have significantly contributed to the correct definition of the solution architecture, in the hardware part and application software."

Zdeněk Kotora, Diebold Nixdorf

"The project was complicated not only because it involved multiple suppliers, but also because we were dealing with both software and hardware architecture of the ticket machine along with the development of special hardware. In the end, everything was succesful and despite these complications the ticket machines are now reliably serving passengers."

Miroslav Slavík, MBA, CEO Telmax

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