Car Driver Simulator AT-217

The car driver simulator is designed for training learner drivers and teaching the rules of the road. Its design and controls simulate a real car, and together with the projection system, the simulator offers a safe and efficient environment for practical driving training.

Training with AT-217 simulator

  • The practice-proven solution for training learners in driving schools
  • Feels just like being in a real car
  • Practice of habits in the safety of the classroom and stress-free atmosphere
  • Simulation of all common traffic situations
  • Automated learning and progress evaluation
  • Longlife period and low costs

Product's characteristics


The AT-217 car driver simulator is approved for learner driver training purposes in driving schools in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Authentic cab with full functionality

The interior of the cab corresponds to the Škoda Fabia car cab – 3rd generation. Its steering wheel, pedals, gear lever, handbrake and other controls are fully functional. The steering wheel is equipped with the  function of simulating steering wheel resistance when manoeuvring. For a realistic impression, the simulator is completed with the sound of engine.

Computer generated 3D image

Training scenes are realistically displayed by the system of widescreen LCD monitors, including the image in the rear-view mirrors.

Teaching methodology

is divided into blocks so that each learner acquires skills in the control of the car step by step. The training begins with an introduction to the controls in the cab and continues with practice in starting the car, steering, accurate manoeuvring and then with solving traffic situations. The training is guided by the means of voice output of the electronic instructor.

Evaluation of learning progress

The indicator panel shows the learner‘s work with the clutch, brake and gear shifting. At the end of each training block, the information on success and errors during each lesson is available.

Practice in hazardous driving conditions

In addition to practicing under standard conditions, you can try driving under more difficult and demanding conditions such as driving on different surfaces (asphalt, ice, gravel), driving in fog, avoiding random obstacles (animals) or reversing with a trailer.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage

230V/50 Hz

Power input

180 W


150 kg

Max. relative humidity

80 %

Operating ambient temperature

+15 °C to +35 °C