Check-in unit FCA 700 P dispenser

The combined check-in validator accepts various contactless cards and allows thermal printing paper tickets to the passengers. Validator offers an extension for a 2D code reader (FCA 700 PQ) or an SMS ticket reader (FCA 700 PS).

  • Passenger checking in
  • Contactless environment
  • Card acceptance

Product's characteristics

7“ colour display 

with a touch panel 

Fare selection and ticket purchase 

directly by the passengers without any driver’s action

Contactless environment 

supports various standards of contactless cards, supports NFC and contactless banking cards

Possibility of either autonomous use 

or use as a periphery of the board computer

Transaction confirmation on display 

with an acoustic signal including sound sample playback 

Possibility of enhancement 

by a 2D code (Q) reader and an SMS (S) ticket reader for reading both paper tickets and mobile phone tickets

Possibility of extension by internal 2D code reader for identification of marked paper ticket

Thermal printer 

for quick ticket printing avoids unauthorized paper handling during printing

The robust and durable design 

with protective features guarantees high resistance to vandalism

Easy maintenance thanks to smooth surface

Technical specifications

Electrical specifications

Nominal power supply voltage 24 V DC 
Power supply voltage ranges between 16.8 V and 36 V DC
Power input at rest 0.5 A
Power input at printing (25% line black covering) 3 A

Processor core

Processor: ARM Microprocessor with 2 or 4 cores
Operating system: Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Android, Linux
Minimum RAM capacity: 512 MB RAM, min. 512 MB NAND Flash, Micro SDHC card

Contactless card reader

Unattended payment terminal Ingenico iUC 160
Supported cards: VISA, MasterCard, ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare
NFC Card emulation mode
A min. of 6 slots for SAM modules with T=0 a T=1 protocol support with a possibility of expansion
Reading distance: from 40 mm to 90 mm in the perpendicular direction

2D code reader (In the FCA 700 PQ version only)

Fast global shutter technology providing exceptional motion tolerance for moving applications
100 frames per second CMOS imager
Aiming green LED, warm white illumination LED
Improved scanning of curved, wide, poorly printed and damaged barcodes
Easily scans codes off paper, cell phone, tablet and computer displays
Many 1D and 2D symbologies supported including QR code, Aztec, Passport MRZ (OCR-B)

Thermal printer

Thermal printing with a width of 3" – “easy loading“ with a trimming unit, 2D code print option
Printing speed: 200 mm/s
Roll width 80 mm, roll diameter 80 mm

User interface

TFT LCD WVGA 7" colour display, 500 Cd/m2, 800 × 480 pixels, TFT, LED. Backlight brightness control according to ambient light with a sensor.
Capacitance touch panel – touch detection through a protective glass positioned in front of the display in compliance with the EN 50 102 standard, IK10 resistance, hardness H>=6, response to a bare finger
Acoustic output with a loudspeaker for indication or sound sample playback

Communication interface

Ethernet, USB, IBIS
Optionally: WiFi, BT, LTE

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions: 160 (w) × 331 (h) × 155 (d) mm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Material: ABS-PC, stainless steel
Mounting using a special quick-clamping holder


Temperature: from -20 °C to +60 °C
Air humidity: from 15 to 80 % without condensation
Ingress protection: IP43